Cub Scouts Donate to Oklahoma Fund

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They may be little, but they gave in a big way this Memorial Day.

The Cub Scouts wanted to make a difference, so they took the money they worked for and gave it away.

St. Mary's first through fifth grade Cub Scouts presented a check before the Memorial Day parade to the Red Cross for the tragedy in Oklahoma. The scouts had originally worked at McDonald's for a day to earn money to go on a trip, earning a total of $100. One of the boys learned about the Oklahoma tornado and asked the scout leaders what they could do to help.

"One of our little boys was very upset with what had happened in Oklahoma and he said, why can't we do something to help them? So we said, well lets talk to the other boys and see if they were on board with it and they decided that they were going to donate their $100 to the Oklahoma fund," said one of the troop leaders, Michelle Gordon.

The troop went to Pleasants County bank to order a big check to present. The bank was so moved by what the boys were doing, they matched their $100. Sharon Kesselring from the American Red Cross says the need is on going and what these boys did meant so much to them.

"They are the only youth group that we had that stepped forward that had a business behind them. Pleasants County bank matched what they did as soon they found out what they were doing. And as a result, we've got double the impact that they had planned on," said Sharon Kesselring, Financial Develop Director for the American Red Cross, Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter.

After giving their generous donation to the Red Cross, the boys lined up outside St. Mary's Hardware to join in the Memorial Day parade.

As they followed behind the veterans in the parade, these little boys not only made a donation, they showed their support for our county.

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