Cub Scout Pack Holds Fundraiser

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Wolves and tigers and bears... a group of Cub Scouts comes together for a fundraising dinner.

Local Pack 117 is raising money for future ping trips, camp-outs and other activities.

Community businesses like the Blennerhasset Hotel donated prizes for the Cubs to raffle off.

The boys say they love the adventures they've had in the scouts.

And many like the challenge of earning badges for different projects and activities they

It's a lot of fun, but also hard work.

"We help others. We're kind to others, we make friends with others.
We're a very good pack," says Alec Marshall.

His older brother Elijah also values the friends he's made.

"We are all one big happy family... and we just do what we can to help each other out.

The group's Parent Association helped the boys with the raffle.

They says being a Scout can help kids become responsible adults.

Sunday's event raised about one thousand dollars for the Cub Scout pack.

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