UPDATE: Cytec Waste Permit Hearing

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UPDATE 8/13/2014 11:25 AM

Continuing to clean up.

The Ohio EPA informs the public of the possible renewal for Cytec Industries.

This is a hazardous waste permit renewal which comes up every ten years.

The Cytec site on Greene Street in Marietta shut down in 2002.

The EPA found many contaminants in the area and this permit will allow Cytec to continue soil and groundwater clean up.

"We wouldn't anticipate a significant amount of concern with the permit renewal that we are here to discuss tonight, simply because if that permit is renewed another 10 years that will allow Cytec to continue their clean up and get the job done out at the site and that's what I think what everyone wants to see," says Mike Settles, spokesman for the Ohio EPA.

A few members of the public attended the meeting.

Their questions focused on what the site may be used for in the future, such as a place for fracking or for industry trucks or equipment to be stored.

The Ohio EPA says the Ohio Department of Natural Resources handles the oil and gas industry and those questions should be directed towards them.

However, right now they are just focusing on many more years of clean up for the site.

One local plant's hazardous waste permit is up for renewal and the EPA wants your comments.

Ohio EPA will hold a renewal hearing for Cytec Tuesday, August 12th at 6 p.m. at the Marietta Public Library meeting room.

It's routine and happens every ten years.

Cytec's a little special because it includes measures to clean up previous contamination there.

Appeals can be made in person or in writing.

They must be received by the Ohio EPA by August 25th.

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