Cytec Begins Cleanup Phase

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UPDATE: 6/13/13

Polluted groundwater is a big deal at an old industrial site in Marietta, but now work is underway on the Cytec Industries site on Greene Street to stop any future pollution.

Cytec Industries Remediation Manager, Ken Milo, says work is underway to clean up the site on Greene Street. It's been closed since the 1990's.

The plan involves capping areas and hauling some soil away. Milo says they're taking every step to make sure no more groundwater is polluted.

"This site has been thoroughly studied by Cytec and we received approval from the Ohio EPA on our cleanup plan and we're confident it will be protective to human health and the environment."

The current project will take three to four weeks to complete. Milo says there will be another phase in September. He adds they have no current plans to use the site after cleanup.
There will be some movement around Cytec this summer.

Members of Cytec industries, the EPA and Marietta officials met tonight for a Community Liaison Panel to discuss and inform everyone about the next steps with the Cytec plant on Green St. in Marietta

The work started today. Ohio EPA has accepted Cytec's corrective measures plan. Solid waste management unit-ten (SWMU-10) is currently installing a cap to be put onto the closed landfill. This cap is to prevent rainwater from leaching chemicals into the ground water.

The meeting discussed that there will be air and dust monitors surrounding the sight while work is being done.

"So what we want to do is make sure we inform the public and the community around there of what's going on with the sight so it's not any surprise to them. Any time that you are moving dirt around and that you do have to worry about nuisance dust and so we are piling new dirt on top of this landfill and when ever you do that it like it's like digging a basement for a home, you know you're going have a little bit of dust but we are going to monitor and control it and make sure it doesn't become a nuisance for the public," said Ken Milo, Remediation Manager, Cytec Inc.

There was a community newsletter set out to surrounding residents and business's. Copies of that can be located at the mayor's office and a weekly email update on construction.

The work should be completed by the end of June. Cytec said the truck traffic will be light however, come September there will be more work done to the sight that will create heavier traffic.

The next panel meeting is set for August 19th.

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