Dancing For A Very Good Cause

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Several zumba instructors and dancers from across the valley gathered at Jessica's Dance Company for the "Together We Dance" Zumbathon Fundraiser.

Everyone is taking part for a very good cause.

"We are raising money with the zumbathon for Augie's Quest and they're searching for the cure for Lou Gehrig's disease also known as A-L-S," says Zumba Instructor, Brianna Clegg.

Augie's Quest was named after Augustine Nieto.

He was diagnosed with A-L-S in March 2005.

The zumbathon motivated Josh Martin to participate.

He's doing this to honor his professor who died from Lou Gehrig's disease.
"Anytime that i can get out and help out the A-L-S Association, I'm all for it. I've always wanted to get into zumba, so this will be my first time and it's a great cause and I'm glad I'm here," added Martin.

Zumba is a great way for beginners and the experienced to work toward a cure for A-L-S.

"Your first time is always a little scary but you always get into it and the most important is to have fun," replied Zumba Instructor, Samantha Marrero.

And Martin encourages everyone to be a helping hand for those who have A-L-S and other diseases.

"Whether it's breast cancer or A-L-S or any other kind of terminal illness that we're trying to champion a cause for, I think you just pick one and go out and do things like this and make sure we can raise money for a cure for these horrible diseases," Martin said.

Over $270 was raised at the Zumbathon.

If you want to know more about Augie's Quest check out http://www.augiesquest.org.

For more information about joining a zumba class, please visit Sami and Zumba or Zumba with Bri pages on Facebook.

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