UPDATE: Burglar Sentenced to 10 Years Behind Bars

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UPDATE 10/16/2013 5:00 PM

Caught in Washington County, this couple was wanted in multiple states for burglary.

Calvin Riggs was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in prison.

Riggs was charged with ten counts of burglary and one count of conspiracy to engage in a pattern of corrupt activity.

Riggs was arrested back in June with his wife Misty Riggs, who was already sentenced to the same thing.

On top of ten years in prison, Riggs was ordered to pay restitution to all victims that filed impact statements.

He was ordered to give back everything he stole, including the van his family was living out of.

Both Riggs are charged in multiple other states.

Thy Washington County Prosecutors Office says they are not sure whether those states will follow through.
UPDATED: 8/28/13

Calvin Riggs pleaded guilty to eleven felonies in connection with nearly a dozen house break-ins in Washington County.

Riggs and wife Misty Bennett-Riggs were both arrested on June 6th in connection with multiple burglaries that happened throughout Washington County, particularly the Cutler and Little Hocking area.

Investigators say they made a living by stealing.

The duo was also already wanted on similar charges in Florida and West Virginia.

Tuesday, Calvin Riggs pleaded guilty to ten counts of burglary and a count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.


Calvin Riggs and Misty Bennett-Riggs are behind bars this evening.
They were arrested in connection with a large number of house break-ins, in Washington County.

Police say they are also suspects in multiple burglaries in other states.

According to police they were recently renting an apartment, with stolen money from an Ohio home. They were also living in a van with four children, ranging from the ages of two to ten. They would travel with this van from state to state including, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee

The couple would come to the house, knock on the front door and ask about buying rabbits. If no one was home, they break in the house looking for guns, money and jewelry. They would then send the items to different pawn shops.

Washington County Sheriff Mincks says this was a huge investigation, involving almost all law officials from all county's in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

As part of the investigation, the Washington County Sheriff's Department passed the information they had along to a crime watch group. It all wrapped up when authorities came in contact with Calvin Riggs yesterday afternoon. Riggs held a conversation with deputies and then proceeded to take off. Authorities then tracked him down, with Bennett-Riggs, questioned and arrested them.

""I think above and beyond the cooperation between the law enforcement agencies in the Mid-Ohio Valley, it was really good, we had a lot of information passing back and forth, people working together and responding and that was up and down the river," said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Sheriff Mincks says the couple is cooperating with authorities, helping to track down all the stolen items, some of which where shipped all the way to Texas.

They are being held without bond in the Washington County Jail.
The couple was arraigned this morning at 10AM.

Washington County Sheriff's Office says both Calvin Riggs and Misty Bennett-Rings are being held on no bond in West Virginia and Ohio. In Florida, Bennett-Rings is being held on a $50,000 bond and Riggs is on a $5,000 bond.

Washington County Sheriff Mincks says the couple is cooperating with authorities to track down the jewelry and guns they sold to pawn shops.

Officials say the couple has four children between the ages of two and ten. They had a grandmother living in Ripley, who officials say had no idea about the burglaries.

Officials says they had obtained an apartment in Coolville where they were currently living. They paid for this with a safe they had stolen out of a house in Ohio that had $7,000 in it.

Deputies say the couple had more than one van.

They are currently being held in the Washington County Jail.

The trial date is set for July, 5th at 8AM.
Washington County has been plagued by a rash of burglaries in recent weeks. Investigators have been working the cases day and night. Now, Thursday afternoon they make arrests and say the suspects admitted to it all. It's a case that stretches across five states.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office and Belpre Police arrest Calvin Riggs and Misty Bennett-Riggs. Deputies say they were living out of a apartment in Coolville and are suspects in multiple other burglaries in other states.

Investigators say the daytime break-ins started several weeks ago. They say each burglary showed the same pattern with the two stopping at a house that looked like no one was home and then they'd knock. If someone answered they would ask to purchase rabbits or other items but if no one answered, investigators say they would smash a window and go into the house.

Deputies say items such as money, guns, and jewelry were taken.

Investigations led police to the pair, Calvin Riggs and Misty Bennett-Riggs, who are also wanted by the State of Florida for burglary. But the Sheriff's Office says that isn't all. Investigators say the couple has been living out of a van in Coolville with four kids. They say they travel from state to state doing the same thing including Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee.

During questioning, police say both Riggs and Bennett-Riggs admitted to the burglaries.

Now investigators are looking to get those stolen items back.

Throughout the night police have been searching for items which have been recovered in Washington, Athens, Meigs, Jackson, and Mason Counties so far. Deputies say the couple also stole guns and shipped them to other locations. Deputies have been trying to track those throughout the night as well.

Now, the Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with missing items that has not previously been contacted by Investigators is asked to call their local law enforcement agency and file a report.

The investigation is continuing and numerous additional charges are expected to be filed.

The couple will be arraigned via 1:00.

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