DeWine Discusses Scams With Seniors

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We have seen this a lot lately.


Computer, phone, credit cards - you name it.

The Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine, was in Marietta Thursday, warning the elderly about it - the ones that are hit most often.

There was a large turnout at the O'Neill Center, and many even had personal stories to tell.

DeWine is warning about elder fraud and how to keep yourself safe.

He says the public reports about 30,000 different scams to his office a year.

"We've always had crooks, we've always had con artists, we've always had bad people. But today they have an extra advantage and that advantage is the internet, long distance phone," says DeWine.

DeWine says if you are a victim or if you know anyone who has been, to call his office at 800-282-0515.

They are fighting this problem because there are too many Ohioans losing millions of dollars every year.

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