Decking Out the Courthouse

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It all started as a little idea to put Christmas lights on the Washington County Courthouse.

And in turn it created full on Christmas spirit.

Commissioner Ron Feathers said he got the idea from larger cities like New York and Chicago.

First the lights on the bell tower, then the tree lights outside.

Feathers said people just started donating other decorations left and right.

Before he knew it the whole courthouse inside and out looked great.

"It was really interesting, the more you did the more excitement there was," he says. "People started bringing in little things like bulbs to hang on the tree, candy canes to put on the tree. Just all kinds of things, then people started coming in saying, 'wow, we saw the courthouse last night, you could see it from miles away'."

A Christmas tree for inside the courthouse was donated, as well.

Feathers says it is just a really nice thing to see happen during the holiday season.

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