Deep Freeze Impacts River

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The deep freeze is doing more than just chilling us to the bone.

It created big blocks of ice in the river.

Burt Elliott, vice president of operations at Marietta Industrial Enterprises says the winters here are always interesting.

Sometimes we see a little ice and other times he says it's even worse than this.

Years past the river was solid from one side to the other and barge traffic is limited.

"This morning I knew we'd have some situations with the ice. We didn't work yesterday because it was so cold and everything was frozen," Elliott says. "All the barges were frozen together, they were frozen to the land. The tow boat was frozen to a barge we had on the outside that was just picked up -- went downstream."

He says a frozen river definitely affects the business because it's more expensive to operate in this type of weather.

He has to protect his men and safety is always number one.

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