Deer Season In Full Swing

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The Ohio D Department of Transportation officials say the prime time for deer related accidents is during October and November at dawn and after sunset.

"That's when motorist really need to be on the look out for deer crossing the road, and like I said always wear a seat belt, and always just be observant, you know," says the PIO of ODOT, Brenna Slavens, "If you see one deer you can expect there is another one just following with it. And just use extreme caution whenever you do see deer out."

ODOT also says there are two major hot spots where drivers should take extra caution in Washington County, Interstate I-77 and Route 7 but also remind drivers to be cautious on anywhere and at any time of the day.

The Associated Press says State Farm reported those driving in West Virginia have a 1 in 53 chance of hitting a deer this year, while ODOT reported 167 deer related crashes last year in the month of November.

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