Delivering Pizzas On Super Bowl Sunday

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And we hope he took a moment to enjoy the big game Sunday night.

A lot of you at home did with the help of your local delivery guy.

We joined Keenan Hays of Napoli's Pizza in Belpre as he went door to door delivering pizza, sandwiches and wings for the big game.

Manager, Tony Warner, says business usually picks up around 4:30 every Super Bowl Sunday.

But no matter how busy the pizza chain gets, employees say they enjoy the extra cash in their pockets.

"We always run very good specials for the Super Bowl, so when we get to the Super Bowl time, we put the mainstay on for the parties, we have the pizzas on sale and we put the wings on sale and lower them down so everybody gets a good price and they can have their parties," says Warner.

On an interesting note, Napoli's began in 1966, the same NFL season of the first Super Bowl.

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