Democratic Nominee for Ohio Attorney General Speaks in Marietta

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He's from Cincinnati and told people in Marietta Friday he wants to be the next Ohio attorney general.

And David Pepper says he wants to do more to fight the drug trade.

He outlined what he says is a comprehensive plan to do that, reducing the supply while punishing the suppliers.

"The plan is to bring far more treatment and far tougher enforcement to communities across the state," says Pepper. "If we can find a dealer who sold heroin that led to a death, we'll hold him accountable, not just for the deal but for the homicide."

Pepper is critical of the Kasich administration and the Republican-controlled legislature for approving reductions in grant money for local addiction treatment services.

And, he says, Attorney General Mike DeWine's recent town hall meetings haven't been effective in dealing with the state's heroin problem.

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