Dental Clinic to Reopen

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A couple thousand people will soon be able to receive dental care again.

The Southeastern Ohio Dental Clinic closed in November due to a lack of funding.

The Washington County Health Department has since secured $50,000 in grant money to help it operate.

The clinic staff said their phones were ringing non-stop Monday with people trying to book appointments.

"Yesterday morning was hectic, getting everything together, the phone was ringing off the hook," said Karita Miller, who works at the clinic. "We're only taking phone calls now from one to four [p.m.] to schedule for next week, but the phone was definitely ringing at seven o'clock when we got here [yesterday]."

The clinic will make some changes when it reopens on Monday: It will have a more strict no-show policy and stop offering dentures.

The Washington County Health Department hopes those changes will save time and money.

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