Deputies Make Stop in Waterford to Talk Safety

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Keeping everyone alert and ready. Making their way throughout Washington County, deputies meet with Waterford School Officials.
They talk about new ways to react during a potential threat.

"Which is basically if there is an active shooter, we use to tell the teachers to go into their lock down procedures. With the new ALICE training it's more of an evaluate the situation and we encourage evacuation, due to the more people you have get out the less casualties you'll have," explains Washington County Sheriff's Office's Lt. Randy Stackpole.

This meeting was prearranged weeks in advance. Washington County Deputies met with school Superintendent, and both high school and elementary teachers.
Deputies walked through both schools noting concerns and the new plan of action.

And while it's easier to practice scenarios with High School students, they're evaluating elementary schools just the same. "We put the emphasis on all schools, for instance this morning, after we were done at the High School we accompanied the principal of the elementary school and did a walk around the school and talked about some things that we saw and some changes we would like to see."

Marietta High School has had two demonstrations of the ALICE evacuation drill already and Washington County is following a similar strategy.

The Sheriff's Office says they plan to meet and practice with every county school throughout this school year.