Deputies Stay Busy When Weather Gets Bad

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All of the snow on the ground Monday morning not only had the plows and salt trucks busy, but those patrolling the roads as well.

We went on a ride along Monday with Wood County Sheriff's Deputy Allen and he told us all about what he does on days like Monday when the roads are completely covered.

We joined Deputy Allen for the last part of his shift.

We checked out a few of the side roads around Parkersburg.

The main roads were very clear.

Then we headed down I-77 towards Mineral Wells and thankfully those roads were pretty clear too and there were no accidents or stranded cars.

But as we headed down Gihon Road though, things changed. We saw a truck that unfortunatley fell victim to a snow drift and went right into a ditch.

"The slush and the wetness in the roadways can cause a very big hazard," says Deputy Allen. "Speeds and stopping time is reduced tremendously by that. And if you hit that going fast you're going to go wherever it takes you."

A tow truck was called and the truck made it out safely.

Deputy Allen said he was called out to a couple crashes earlier in the day but thankfully no injuries with those.

We were certainly able to see how snowy days like these keep everyone very busy and how important all the officers are in keeping everyone safe when the weather gets bad.

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