Diabetes Awareness Takes Center Stage At Marietta Memorial Hospital

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In honor of National American Diabetes Awareness Month, Marietta Memorial Hospital played host to a seminar aimed and educating the community on diabetes.

The seminar focused on the increasing number of type two diabetes, new therapies and devices in diabetes treatment, holiday eating, weight management and the proper use of supplements in diabetes.

Organizers say they worked to show the audience that a commitment to healthy living can mean a life with less diabetes type 2 complications, a problem Dr. Cases, an Endocrinologist at Marietta Memorial Hospital, says is on the rise.

"Both diabetes and obesity have risen tremendously over the past 20 years," Dr. Cases says. "In 2050, 1/3 of the population is projected to have diabetes."

Dr. Cases says she hopes attendees left with knowledge and a better understanding of the resources available to them to help fight diabetes.

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