Digging Up The Past

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A blast from the past Campus Martius Museum goes back to the beginning of time Saturday afternoon.

The museum hosts "Digging the Past," also known as archaeology day.

People from all over came out to see historic and pre-historic artifacts, soak in some fun facts during lectures and learn flint knapping.

Also on hand, experts to help people identify their own historic items from home.

"It's the widespread of history that is showing here and it is basically of the local area. Most of these people are from this area, showing what they had found in this area," says John Barhart of the Mound City Chapter of the Archaeological Society of Ohio.

"These are pipe tomahawks, they were used as trade items from England and France back in the 1700s through the early 1800s and they were traded to the Indians for furs," added Jeff Dearth.

Visitors could even take the past home with them with several items on sale at the event.

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