Staying Safe in a Disaster

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Every household should have one of these.

The American Red Cross recommends every household and workplace have a disaster relief kit. The kit should be placed in an easy to reach, grab and go area. Front hall closet, in your car or even at work under your desk. The Red Cross says the kit should have enough supplies to last 72 hours.

"For anyone who is building their disaster kit make sure you have two things at least. A flashlight and a battery operated radio, and extra batteries too, for your flashlight. That way you are prepared when the lights go out, and the power goes out, that you can still be informed as to where you need to go," said Sharon Kesselring, Financial Development Director for the Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross recommends the full kit include the following.

-Water, food and clothing. Especially a pair of closed toed shoes in case of glass and debris.
-A flashlight, battery powered radio and extra batteries.
-Money, just in case ATM's don't work.
-Any special needs your family might need, such as medications, baby diapers or children's toys.

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