Discussing School Standards

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The American Principles Project wants to make sure your kids get the education they need for their future.

The organization held a Regional Town Hall Meeting on school standards Saturday afternoon.

Heidi Huber of Cincinnati and Emmett McGroarty of Washington, D.C came to Marietta discussing what Common Core Standards (CCS) were.

It was a good way for the public have a full understanding about CCS' school standards in Ohio.

American Principles Project officials say CCS standards are untested, unproven and unsupported, both academically and fiscally.

"The standards themselves have been aligned with what they called 21st century learning skills and college career readiness. It was really a rehash and a recycle of what was in the 1990s called school to work to goals 2000," says Huber.

Huber and McGroarty also talked about who should be in charge of education and deciding standards.