Distracted Driver Awareness

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Officials will be on the roads and in the air on the look out.

According to WV State Police, as of July 2012 texting while driving became a primary offense.

As of July 2013, using your cell phone at all while driving the car will also be a primary offense and you can be pulled over for it.

Now, starting this Sunday, through June 22nd, troopers will be out looking for distracted drivers, not only on the road but with the assistance of Ohio's Highway Patrol's aviation.

"This operation we are also going to have an aircraft that is up, patroling and watching for distracted drivers, people following to close, driving off the roadway, at that point if they see something they will let us know and we will stop the vehicle," said Trooper Timothy Gossett, Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Both Ohio and WV troopers say this week is to help people really understand the effects of distracted driving to not only themselves but others on the road.

"We see a lot of distracted drivers and I think people want to comply but I think it's habit. I think that cell phones have become such an integrated part of our daily lives and our communications with our family and our workplace. I think a lot of people are just reacting and doing things out of habit. It's going to take a conscious and concerted effort for them to modify that," said James Stout, Parkersburg Detachment Commander.

Officials did want to stress however if you are driving and need to report a traffic accident, report a DUI or call 911, you will not be ticketed. However, troopers say it is best to pull over and then call, so you don't get involved yourself.

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