Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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Cell phones and driving don't mix

Authorities are again pushing the message to put that phone down.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

In the car lots of things can distract you, including the radio, passengers and the weather.

Adding your phone into the mix with texting and calling, it's a dangerous situation.

Spreading that message, the Ohio State Highway Patrol says when you look down at your phone for 5 seconds you drive the length of a football field, blind.

They say when you're driving, focus only on the road.

As a driver that one extra distraction is one you cannot afford to take.

"When you are driving a car you basically have a 2,000 pound weapon at your hands, at your disposal," says Trooper Lea Mikes. "Easiest thing is, turn your cell phone off, everybody has their radio on going down the road, just understand if you don't focus on the road, and on the other cars around you, you are more likely to crash."

This issue is so prevalent Marietta City Council passed a law this March which bans cell phone use while driving.

The warning period for that law starts April 7.

Mayor Matthews pushed this law and stands firm, saying he made the right decision.

He wants to prevent accidents in the city.

The law takes effect July 5.

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