Dog is Shot and Killed Following Attack

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Washington County deputies were called to 7120 State Route 676 in response to a dog attack.

According to dispatchers, Andrew and Katherine Miller say a bull mastiff was attacking their family.

Early reports indicate they were at the house for a birthday party. When everyone was getting ready to leave they say their grandmother, Barbara Miller, tripped over the dog.

At that point, they say the dog starting biting their grandmother. They say their mother and aunt tried to help, but the dog started attacking them too, possibly breaking their aunt's arm.

The women were able to run out to a car. That's when they say 19 year-old Andrew grabbed a 12 gauge shotgun and started shooting.

The dog turned on Andrew, he ran back inside. Family members say he then grabbed a 30/30 gun and fatally shot the dog.

All three women were taken to an area hospital. Deputies are processing the scene. A humane officer is en route.