Dog Reunited With Owners

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A long journey home.

It's the story of a dog reunited with his owner and a community that took care of him.

This puppy was lost for more than four months.

The reunion between Shadow the dog and his owners had over 10,000 views on Facebook.

His owners say they never thought they would see him again.

Little did they know, while he was lost, he had a community of owners.

Washington County dog warden, deputy Kelly McGilton, says when she finally caught Shadow he was timid and quiet, almost as if he was depressed.

Shadow went missing when his owners were moving.

They came back every day, driving two hours to look for him, but never finding him.

Turns out Shadow found a home living outside in Little Hocking.

One family came almost everyday to make sure he had food.

Eight-year-old Olivia gave him the name Wiley Coyote because he would never come near them and they thought he was abused.

Shadow was caught, taken to the Humane Society and reunited with his owner all on Olivia's birthday.

Deputy McGilton says they were able to find his owners because of photos they had sent in when he went missing in September.

But also because he was registered with a dog tag - another reason why they are so important.

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