UPDATE: Woman Accused of Dumping Dog Officially Charged

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UPDATE 5/23/2014 10:50 AM

A woman dumped the dog in the dumpster, telling authorities she thought it was already dead.

Investigators say the woman's dad told her the dog was getting old and wanted her to get rid of it.

The woman's name is Melinda Layson.

And her father Delbert Offenberger was living with the dog on Fourth Street in Marietta.

According to the Washington County dog warden, Offenberger said he didn't care what she did with it.

And Layson told her sister she had it put down.

Charges were brought against 31-year-old Layson, including animal cruelty and abandonment.

Her father is also facing charges of animal cruelty.

Humane officers say this situation could have been avoided.

There are many options if you can no longer take care of an animal or your pet is getting old and ready to be put down.

"That's what an animal shelter is for, I am here, my people are there to help these animals," says Steve Herron, director of the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. "We are not there to automatically press judgement on anybody. Don't just throw an animal aside because you are afraid of getting in trouble."

Herron says the cost of actually putting an animal down at the end of their life is only maximum $35.

Cremation can add up but if you just take the animal home yourself and bury it, it can be very affordable.

You can also ask a family member for help, but in this particular case that didn't work out so well.

Layson's sister, according to authorities, is very upset.

She put together a Facebook page called "Justice for Precious".

She was a family dog.

Dog warden McGilton says Eastlawn Memorial Cemetery in Reno donated a plot, tombstone and casket for Precious.

Her burial is Friday at 2 p.m.

UPDATE 5/21/2014 3:35 PM

A dog abandoned in a dumpster in Marietta overnight is put down due to health issues.

Deputy Kelly McGilton says the dog had to be put down because of suffering.

The dog was seen by a veteran, Dr. Spindler and had a broken leg, kidney failure and more.

Left in a dumpster to die.

A man woke up Wednesday morning to find a small dog outside of his work.

The Washington County Sheriff's office says the dog was dumped Tuesday night out back of the Marietta Bantam Baseball League concession stands by the fairgrounds.

The president of the baseball league was going to get the trash, when he says he found the dog in an egg crate box.

Dog warden Kelly McGilton says the dog was extremely malnourished, with bones showing and little to no fat or muscle.

The dog also has cataracts and a back leg dislocated.

She says it is easy to tell by the dog's skin, smell, and fur it was living in terrible conditions.

Deputy McGilton says they are still looking for the person who did this.

Animal cruelty and abandonment charges are likely.

The dog is now at the humane society.

If you have any information on this or saw anyone dropping something off you're asked to call the sheriff's office at (740) 376-7070, ext. 0.

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