Domestic Violence Complaints Increase During Holiday Season

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The holiday season is here but while some are enjoying the festivities of the holidays other are faced with domestic violence.

"Every year, from right before Thanksgiving to the first of the year, it seems that our domestic violence calls increase," says Wood County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Deem.

Deputy Deem sites three major contributing factors to most domestic situations: finances, increased time with family members and alcohol. He says knowing when to call police may help keep you safe.

"When people live together they're going to fuss, that's a given," Deputy Deem adds. "When things get out of hand, and there is a danger of it becoming violent or physical, by all means someone should call the police."

If involved in a domestic situation it's important to know what resources are available. Eve Incorporated is a domestic violence and sexual assault assistance program and shelter in Washington County.

"We are an emergency shelter program as well as a non-residential program," explains Annelle Edwards, the Co-executive Director of Eve Inc. "Those who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault can come to the shelter for safety or receive non residential services like counseling."

Through Eve Inc., each situation receives individual attention and planning.

"Calling the shelter and giving us information really helps be able to give you a safety plan that is specific to your particular situation," continues Edwards.

"We're not here to get into any body's personal business our main concern is that no one gets hurt and things get calmed down so you can have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year," Deputy Deem adds.

Local Domestic Violence Resources:

Eve Incorperated, P.O. Box 122, Marietta, Oh 45750:
24 Hour Hotline: 740-374-5819
Toll Free: 800-974-3111
Office: 740-374-5820
Fax: 740-373-5321

Family Crisis and Intervention, PO Box 695, Parkersburg, WV 26101:
24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-794-2335
Phone: 304-428-2333

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