"Don't Crowd The Plow"

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Plow drivers put the blades down in twelve hour shifts at times and ODOT reminds drivers to give those plows plenty of room.

All winter long and especially with the most recent snow storm, crews are battling the snow and ice.

But keeping an eye on the plow and on other drivers is stressful.

Whether it's passing the plows or just extra cars it can make it extra dangerous for everyone.

"We hope motorists, when they see an ODOT snow plow, the green flashing lights to please slow down, pay attention. Try not to pass them unless it's very, very safe. Unless it's necessary," says ODOT spokesman David Rose. "Let them do their work. It's only going to be a few minutes. Then you can get safer to your destination."

Rose also says just to slow down and give drivers the room they need to work.

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