Don't Forget To Change Those Batteries!

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And as you fix your clocks tonight, you also might want to change those smoke detector batteries.

But did you know there are smoke detectors out there that have a decade long battery life?

Most of the smoke detectors the Home Depot in Vienna sell have a maintenance free lithium ion battery.

It cuts down on replacement costs...and let's you forget about the bi-yearly battery switch.

"We have some set up for bedrooms that will actually talk, they'll say fire, fire, trying to get your attention to get you out of the bedroom if you have fire. And most of the new ones have the lithium ion 10 year battery, so you don't have to worry about changing your batteries, they're good for 10 years," says Master Electrical Specialist, Michael McLaughlin.

Firefighters say you increase your chances of surviving a fire by 50 percent when you put up and maintain your smoke detectors.

Workers at Home Depot also recommend everyone change the batteries on their carbon monoxide detectors, as well.

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