Downtown PKB Survey

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A public plea for input -- the city is making an effort to revitalize historic downtown Parkersburg, but they need your help bringing it back to life.

Survey says -- what would make downtown Parkersburg happy?

"I’ve kind of looked at and done some of the obvious things as far as events and activities downtown. And we're wanting to really dive in now and look at what it will take to invigorate downtown and bring people downtown,” says Carrie Nesselrode, executive director of Downtown PKB.

They can't please everybody, but they can try to step things up.

"We would like to have a reinvigorated downtown with people living downtown, more businesses downtown, as well as more activities,” Nesselrode says. “We know that in order to do that we're going to have to have the support of the community."

A downtown for the people by the people and all it takes is a little feedback.

According to Nesselrode, they sent the survey out to 24 major businesses downtown.

“Camden Clark is participating, Highmark, the city, the county,” she says. “We are looking at the banks and those types of companies that are downtown."

And another 70 more.

"‘Feed on the street' using our economic restructuring committee to go out and solicit for input from those individuals and those employees at those businesses face-to-face,” Nesselrode says.

Look to the people.

"What better way to get the support of the community than to utilize their thoughts and ideas as to what they would like to see happen downtown,” Nesselrode says.

If you want to take the survey, head over to our web channel and click on the hot button.

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