4th of July Parades

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Spectators gathered to enjoy the entertainment and many community members came to show honor for the men and women fighting for our country.

"To honor all the young men and women who are overseas fighting for us right now and back to my dad who did that...grandparents," spectator Karen Drennan said.

The Marietta High School Wall of Sound provided patriotic entertainment while community members enjoyed red, white, and blue patriotism by all.

On the other side of the river, the 4th of July parade was a bit smaller...but there was plenty of spirit among its participants.

In North Hills, the American Legion took part in the annual community parade and Independence Day festivities.

One participant in the parade did so because she has family members serving overseas.

"I have one, two three in the parade," said Leona Hager, "(and) three in the military...one in Afghanistan, one just got back from Afghanistan, and is starting his career as a second lieutenant."

The post-parade ceremony was a tribute to two soldiers...one who recently served in Afghanistan, and the other, a veteran of World War II.

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