Distracted Driving Dangers Driven Home

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One Parkersburg car insurance agent is giving local motorists some perspective into the consequences of driving under the influence and using cell phone while behind the wheel.

Drivers of all ages took turns at a DUI Simulator put on by Parkersburg State Farm Insurance Agent, Dan McPherson.

They got a taste of what it's like driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and using their cell phone.

Motorists got to drive around an obstacle course on a golf cart and they also spoke with local law enforcement.

"It's like anything else that you do, texting or use of cell phone distracts when you're driving and if you are distracted who knows just three seconds of distraction could get you killed or somebody else killed. We don't need that," says McPherson.

Pifer's Service Center provided several damaged cars.
All were totaled from crashes involving driving under the influence or distracted driving involving a cell phone.

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