Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

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With the summer months coming to an end, people can find themselves enjoying that last summer party and especially, Labor Day weekend.

Law enforcement says be careful and remember, never to drink and drive.

Starting Friday August 16th, through Labor Day, Ohio law enforcement agencies are joining together with other highway safety partners throughout the nation for what is called, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

This means, there will be more troopers out on the road at all times looking for impaired drivers.

Trooper Eric Knowlton with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, here in Marietta says, they are trying to keep the roads safe for everyone.

"Labor Day is one of the busiest holiday seasons that we have, a lot of impaired drivers are on the roadway. We have people out boating, partying and picnics and we just want to keep people safe on the roadway," said Trooper Knowlton.

Officials says instead of driving after a few beers, have a designated driver.

Drive sober or they will pull you over.

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