Drivers Warned to Watch Out For Deer

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State wildlife officials and auto insurance agents are urging area motorists to drive carefully as fall is peak season for deer-related crashes.

Experts say drivers should be extra cautious in the morning and early evening.

Officials also remind motorists to check to ensure they have adequate coverage.

Damage to a vehicle from a collision is not covered for drivers who only have a liability policy.

And insurance agents say the collision portion of a policy's physical damage coverage does not include deer-vehicle crashes.

"It falls under the comprehensive, or other than collision coverage. This will be the same coverage that if you have a rock hit your windshield or someone steals your car and the deer claim would fall under that as long as you could prove that you hit the deer meaning some fur on the grill, or some blood, or whatever," says Larry Hawn, with Biehl-Hawn Insurance in Marietta.

Fortunately for drivers, Hawn says claims adjusters are fairly leniant on raising insurance rates for local motorists involved in a deer collision.

He adds that hitting a live deer instead of a carcass on the road will result in drivers receiving better treatment on their insurance policy, provided the motorist carries full coverage.

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