Driving Through High Waters

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Some major flooding on Parkersburg roads Thursday, but not all are taking the high water warnings seriously.

On College Parkway, drivers ignore the high waters signs and try to make it across the road.

"I live on the other side closer to Vienna. I'm attempting to go through where the flood is. So we're gonna give it a try," one resident says.

He made it safely across feet of water. Others turned around, not wanting to get stuck. One guy decided not to drive through the water. Instead, he walked.

"On the right hand side it was. A couple of ladies down there told me there was a culvert and said if I would have stepped in it, it would have took me over."

Even though the road wasn't closed driving or walking through is something emergency officials don't recommend doing.

"You should just turn around. If it's not deep enough to get in the car, it could be deep enough to at least stall the car. Six inches of moving water can knock someone off their feet. Twelve inches of moving water could move a car," says Wood County Emergency Services Director, Ed Hupp.

In the midst of the heaviest rain, a good samaritan helped residents who were stuck on the other side.

"My daughter has an appointment at Columbus Nationwide Children's Hospital this afternoon. She has cystic fibrosis and needs to get there for a follow up appointment to get her lung function checked. So I just want to thank Brian. He took me to get her. He's taking us back to our car so that we can make our appointment," says area resident, Marsha Cyran.

The National Weather Service is predicting the river to come up three to four feet. That's still at least 10 feet below flooding stage.

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