Drug Sweep Secret Indictment Arrests

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UPDATE: 4/9/2013

A Marietta woman is sentenced Tuesday for selling cocaine. She was one of the nearly dozen busted in a massive sweep last year.

Jodie Miller is one of eleven people arrested after a massive drug sweep through Washington County.

The arrests were for cocaine marijuana, prescription pills, and heroin possession and trafficking.

Miller was charged with trafficking cocaine. She was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days behind bars.

Nearly a dozen now sit in the Washington County jail after drug sweep secret indictments.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says it's been months of investigation and now they are able to make arrests after getting evidence and lab results back.

Deputies say all the arrest are for drugs including trafficking marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills or heroine. They say the majority arrested under this circumstance have previously already been convicted of possession and, or trafficking.

"It's been an ongoing investigation on trafficking and drugs in Washington County," Washington County Sheriff's Office Major, "And this is something we've been doing for several months and we are now to the point where we're able to locate these individuals and arrest them after we've gotten lab results back from the various narcotics that we sent to be analyzed."

Today alone, seven have been arrested last week there were four. Deputies say there are still more on the list from secret indictments that they say will be arrested.

Arrested are the following:

Chase L. Simmons, age 27, Marietta, Oh for F-4 Trafficking in hydromorphone;
Nicholas J. Durbin, age 28, Marietta, OH for F-4 Trafficking in Fentanyl, F-4 Trafficking in Amphetamine, F-4 Trafficking in Morphine;
Terry Lamp, age 41, Belpre, OH F-4 Trafficking in Oxycodone
Orval E. Bradfield, age 47, New Matamoras, OH for F-5 Trafficking in Hydrocodone, F-5 Trafficking in Marijuana
Jodie D. Miller, age 29, Marietta, OH for 2 counts F-5 of Trafficking in Cocaine;
Brent E. Deeter, age 33, Marietta, OH for F-4 Trafficking in Cocaine, and F-4 Trafficking in Marijuana;
Andrew M. Steele, age 20, Marietta, OH for three count of F-4 Trafficking in Marijuana;
Amy M Leedy, age 23, Vincent, OH for one F-4 count of Trafficking in Heroin;
Kevin M. Hess, age 25, Marietta, OH for one count F-5 of Trafficking in Heroin;
Jesse S. Books, age 30, Marietta, OH for one count F-4 Trafficking in Oxycodone;
Mona C. Chestnutt, age 52, Waterford, OH for one count of F-5 Cultivation of Marijuana

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