It's Bigger Than Just A Drug Problem

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"We are continuing to experience an epidemic as far as the influx of drugs into our area," explains Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

A constant battle. Local authorities say the problem is bigger than just a few addicts. It's leading to more crime outbreaks in this area.

"That 85-percent of all breaking and entering and even individuals that go into stores and steal, shop lifting, that they're tied in with drug trafficking, drug usage," says Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy.

"When we investigate the property crimes that that leads us to the drug users and when we find the transporters of the drugs we find out that we're solving some of the property crimes so it's definitely interchanged," says Sheriff Mincks.

Authorities say they've cracked down on drugs on the interstate and city roads, making such an impact... so many users and sellers have changed their way of transporting drugs from the roads... to the local U.S. postal service.

"And they are buying them through the internet and then having them shipped to the US Mail, however our postal department is continuing to do an excellent job as far as the interception on those drugs coming into Ohio," says Sheriff Mincks.

"For example if a residents is getting a lot of packages we work with them extensively in regard to this," explains Sandy.

Sheriff Mincks says every type of drug has been known to ship through the mail... but synthetic drugs such as K2 and Bath Salts are becoming more popular.

Those synthetic drugs are still legal in almost half of the United States... but once they enter Ohio or West Virginia... those in possession will be held liable for the illegal substances.

"So it's a continuing battle for us, you know as far as raging a war. And it is a drug war against people who are bringing drugs in," explains Sheriff Mincks.

Looking at the bigger picture to protect an entire community.

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