Drugs Found in Hidden Compartment

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Authorities find pills and heroin but the biggest charge is the marijuana concealed in a hidden compartment. It's the first arrest of it's kind for Washington County.

The Washington County Task Force says they received an anonymous call about Beverly man, Joseph Anderson bringing back drugs. Investigators say they believe Anderson was on his way back from picking up drugs in Columbus when he was pulled over in Morgan County by Washington County Task Force Agents.

With the help of the drug dog, investigators found nearly half a pound of marijuana, six grams of heroin, and the pills- suboxone. The marijuana, which is typically a misdemeanor in itself becomes a second degree felony after it was found in a secret compartments.

"This law prohibiting that was passed September 28, which was less than a month ago and this prohibits anyone from operating a vehicle knowingly transporting narcotics in a hidden compartment that has been created and this is allegedly what he had done," explains Sheriff Larry Mincks.

This is the first charge of this kind for Washington County.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office and Beverly Police Department also helped with the arrest.

Anderson's at the Morgan County jail charged with having a hidden compartment in a vehicle, possession of heroin, possession of suboxone and possession of marijuana.

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