Safety First: Drunk Driving Simulation

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Put on the beer goggles and drive the golf cart. It may be a fun exercise but the reality is very serious.

The Belpre Police Department are conducting a drunk driving simulation down at the homecoming events through Saturday night.

Participants put on the beer goggles which simulate being legally drunk and they drive through a maze of cones. Police sit on the cart with participants as they drive.

Belpre Police Department says this is a good way to really get people to understand the dangers of drinking and driving.

"Most of the kids yesterday, they realized that they couldn't function well after wearing even the lighter pair of goggles. I had more kids actually honestly say that they would never drink and drive because they knew that they couldn't function after that," said Officer Terry Williams, Belpre Police Department.

The simulation will be going on tomorrow at the baseball field next to the Belpre Homecoming Festivities.

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