Duncan's Mission To Africa

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When you hear a '20-something' talk about going south it's usually for spring break. For Tiana Duncan, it's to better the lives of Zambia citizens. Duncan is preparing for a two year mission trip to Zambia, Africa.

"I am going to be working with an organization that does a lot of community development," explains Duncan. "The organization I am going with provides small loans. That's $20 - $200 and through the small loan it enables the citizens to have a business."

Duncan says owning and operating a business will enable Zambians to live with dignity. The World Gospel Mission will also make sure residents learn to farm and receive an education. Duncan says, after growing up in Africa with two parents who worked as missions, it's a cause close to her heart. It's also an expensive cause.

"To go its $30,000 and part of that is monthly and the other is donations." Duncan says. "I'm going for two years. So, that will be $15,000 for each year. So, I'm hoping I can go and stay and not have to come back for more support."

A weekend fundraiser, hosted by Panera Bread in Vienna (where she's worked for the past 3 years), gave Duncan 20% of sale proceeds. The money is helping make Duncan's hopes a reality.

"I'm very humbled," she says. "I honestly can't thank Panera enough."

To help Tiana Duncan raise money for her mission to Africa click on the link below.

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