Duo Arrested for Selling Bath Salts at Hotel

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Police say they were selling bath salts from a Parkersburg motel room.

A man and woman are arrested.

Kaitlin Pryor and Carl Sartor are charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

Yesterday the Wood County Sheriff's Office received a tip two people were selling bath salts from a room at the Red Roof Inn on Seventh Street in Parkersburg.

Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force agents set up surveillance operations on the room and eventually pulled over a driver they saw leaving the room.

Police say the driver had bath salts and admitted he bought them from the hotel room.

Agents searched the room, finding smoking devices, scales, baggies and razor blades.

They say pryor had bath salts in a plastic container.

They both were taken .. to the wood county holding facility.

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