UPDATED: Dustin Jones Is Sentenced

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UPDATED: 3-27-12

"I take full responsibility for all of this. I loved Maddi to death, she was like my little sister," Dustin Jones explains to Washington County Judge Susan Boyer at his sentencing on March 27, 2012.

Taken out in hand cuffs Dustin Jones told his family bye and told Madison Fitchette's family sorry.

Family and friends of 14-year-old Madison gathered in support of their lost friend.

"She had so much potential in this life and Dustin snuffed out her life and I believe he should get as much time in jail as possible," Madison Fitchett's father, Dave Fitchett, told the court.

Judge Boyer sentenced Dustin Jones to 4 years in prison followed by three years on parole and 15 years of suspended license. She says the sentencing reflects the seriousness of the crime and the age of the young girl.

"The courts can't put a big enough, they can not hurt me as much as I am hurting towards her, how much I miss her and how much I've put myself through knowing that I did this," says Jones.

Fitchett says the crash never should have happened. He told the court about the time back in September when he found out Jones and Madison were together.

"I went to get her, picked her up, took her back to the home and said 'never ever get in a car with Dustin again,"

Jones showed remorse, shaking Fichett's hand before the sentencing and apologizing in front of the court.

"Dave and all of the family and all you guys here, I apologize. I understand that you do not forgive me and maybe that will come with time but there will not come a day that I understand that. I'm sorry to everybody here," says Jones.

Jones told the court he wanted nothing but the best for Madison.
saying he would switch places with her in a second.

"She was the brightest, she was a bright young girl, I wish at any moment I could take that back. I would've given my life in a second for her, and I ended up, I ended up being that one that did that to her," Jones told the court.

UPDATED: 2-13-12

Dustin Jones pleads guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide in Judge Susan Boyer's court.
The family of Madison Fitchett, who died in the accident, say it's justice for their little girl.

"You can't imagine what a shock it was to us to find that out that Sunday morning," says Madison's father Dave Fitchett.

"Losing Maddi has just... wrecked my world," explains family friend June Dagett.

Prosecutors say it was threeAM October 30th when 14-year-old Madison Fitchett's life was cut short.

Dustin Jones now takes responsibility for that tragic night.

"This is the victim that was killed in the car wreck by negligance of Dustin Jones," says Mr. Fitchett.

Madison's father who says he had forbidden them to be together, sat in Judge Susan Boyer's court room with both a bible and a picture of Madison at hand.

A family friend joined him... saying it's still hard for her to understand it all.

"Seventeen months she has been there every step of the way especially when I was sick she was there by my side. She was the best little helper around the house and when I couldn't stand very long she was there to guide me from one place to the next," says Dagett.

State troopers say the car was going nearly 70 miles per hour on before turning onto Gantsville road, shortly after running off the road and wrapping the car around a tree.
Troopers say Jones' blood alcohol content was below legal limit.

Dustin Jones pleads guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide.

"It was a terrible tragedy and I think that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," explains Mr. Fitchett.

Mister Fitchett says nothing can bring back his daughter-- or mask the pain he has felt.

The charge of fleeing and eluding was dropped.

Sentencing is set for March 27.
Dustin Jones faces two felony charges for the police chase and the death of a 14-year-old passenger.

His trial has been set for February 14th.

Besides aggravated vehicular homicide, Jones is charged with fleeing and eluding.

Prosecutors say it all happened at 3 A.M. on October 30th, when a state trooper tried to pull Jones over for having a headlight out.

The car later crashed into a tree, killing 14-year old Madison Fitchett of Parkersburg.

Jones is free on bond. The judge did revoke his driving privileges..

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