E-Commerce Would Benefit Community

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A URL beginning with "https" indicates a secure website. Always be sure to type in the address yourself instead of clicking a link when you are ready to buy. (November 15, 2010 / WRDW-TV)
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A local marketing expert is encouraging Marietta businesses to offer their products and services around the world.

Bill White, CEO of integrated marketing firm Offenberger and White Inc., says e-commerce is the answer.

He spoke to some Marietta Chamber of Commerce members Wednesday about offering goods and services on the internet.

White says local businesses have a lot to gain by putting their products online, and the community as a whole stands to benefit as well.

"Anytime any business gains one new customer, locally that's a good thing, it keeps business here," said White. "When a local business is doing e commerce and they're able to attract a customer from out of what would be a conventional geographical boundary, then it's importing new money into the community."

White says there are several things to take into account when launching an e-commerce operation:

He says obtaining a security certificate so site visitors can trust you is important.

He also says hosting a website with an e-commerce component requires a more dedicated server, which typically costs more money.

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