EPA Policy Change May Be a Win for the Valley

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A change in EPA policy may be a win for the valley.

It all has to do with our air quality.

What the EPA has basically decided is that while Wood and Washington Counties are in two different states, they're all part of the same area.

In the past, the West Virginia side of the river was not in compliance with agency guidelines for particulate matter, while the Ohio side was.

That was because the two states are in different EPA regions.

The EPA has a new designation for the Parkersburg-Marietta area, that works out those differences.

"That we're in compliance, that we're not under more rigid standards for new sources, makes sense. And now, the fact that we have a physical region under which both parts are now in compliance, makes sense," says Dr. Eric Fitch, Environmental Science Professor at Marietta College.

What this re-designation will do is place Wood County - even if just slightly - in compliance.

The change is to go into effect immediately.

Environmentalist Fitch even predicts that it could be a good thing in bringing new industry into the area.

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