ER Visits Rise on Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year.

But the holiday also has another distinction: the most emergency room visits.

ER doctors see the highest volume traffic the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after.

While loved ones are usually together during the holidays, often they have to celebrate apart, which can lead to times of stress, anxiety and depression.

Experts at Camden Clark Medical Center say overeating can also play a part.

"We do see an increase in food poisoning, we also see an increase in chest pain," says Physician Assistant Scott Van Fossen. "Sometimes it's associated with indigestion; although if you are having chest pain, particularly with radiation or if you have a family history - hypertension, hyperlipidemia, you should come down and be evaluated."

Van Fossen says there's a lot of good food but when you feel full it's time to stop for a little bit.

Drink plenty of clear liquids, particularly before eating, because that can help decrease your appetite.

And perhaps most importantly, be with those who care about you and stay safe.

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