Early Morning Drug Raids Across Parkersburg

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"We do what we need to do to stop problems in some of these neighborhoods. We get tips that come in, sometimes our information comes from informants but our big push is working together, sharing information and being super aggressive and stopping the problem as quickly as we can," says Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins.

The actions of law enforcement reflect those words.

Early Monday morning Task Force Agents along with SWAT teams from the Parkersburg Police Department and Wood County Sheriff's Office completed a long investigation into two units at Greenbrier Apartments on 13th and Quincy Streets.

"The Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force got some complaints a couple of months ago about possible sales of narcotics and other drugs in this complex. They began an investigation which results in the arrest of three people," says Sgt. Collins.

Officers arrested John Teter, Gary Harbison and Andrew Vogelaar for possession with intent to deliver. All three out on parole for prior arrests.

Harbison and Teter are being held on $200,000 bond. Vogelaar failed to post $60,000 bond.

These joint operations often result in large drug busts, such as a marijuana grow investigation in a Parkersburg home.

Officers moved quickly from one drug bust to another. This time they zeroed in on Virginia Avenue where the drugs recovered are valued at more than half a million dollars.

"Upon entry we discovered multiple grow rooms and approximately over 200 marijuana plants," says West Virginia State Trooper C.S. Jackson.

A drug problem that officials once felt was under control, now seeing a startling resurgence. Too much for just one department to handle.

So they've joined forces, determined to make a difference.

"That's the key component that joins us together and keeps us productive is we're all sick of it. So we come out, we spend time away from home and we want to put people in jail and that's what we've done. That's why it's working so well. Everybody here wants to do the right thing and we'll do whatever it takes to get it done," says Sgt. Collins.

Police have not made an arrest in the marijuana grow investigation.
But charges are expected soon.