Early Winter Frustrations

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In less than a week this area has already had two major blasts of winter weather.

Lots of snow has caused major problems on the roadways. Winter doesn't officially begin until December 21st.

The snow isn't taking a break anytime soon as another round of snow heads into the area this week.

At Home Depot many were stocking up on winter supplies and we spoke with them about their thoughts on the cold weather so far.

"Really I like it kind of chilly, puts you in the mood for the holidays".

"I don't like it one bit because the older I get, the colder I get".

"Stay inside to stay warm. It's awesome".

"It's great, I don't mind it. We live in West Virginia we can expect it".

"Definitely over winter".

Even the Hollywood box office is loving winter right now. The hit movie "Frozen" is currently number one.

Most tend to have a love hate relationship with Winter. There's the holidays to look forward to. And then the cold and snow to dread.

There are some apps for your smart phone that can help you survive the harsh winter months.

The app simply called "Winter Survival Kit" gives you info on how to survive being stranded in the cold and how to stay safe.

A fun app to put to use this winter is "Seamless". It provides you with a list of restaurants in your area that deliver food during the snowy days. Just be sure to tip the delivery guy accordingly for braving the weather.

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