Early And Absentee Voting Threatened In Ohio

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A new law in Ohio may be dramatically restricting access to early voting and banning the most popular times and days.

In 2008, more than 1.7 million Ohioans cast their ballots before election day, in person or by mail.

A new law pushed through the state house would ban in-person early voting on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, before the election. The time allotted for early voting will be reduced from five to two weeks for in-person voting and the time allotted for absentee voting will be reduced from five to three weeks.

Washington County Board of Elections Director Peggy Byers says if the new law passes, it will be even more important to make sure you're registered to vote absentee.

"We're already accepting absentee applications for the fall," Byers says. "So, all you have to do is jump on the website or call in here and we can send you the application. We'll have it in here and the first day we can."

Byers adds that absentee voting accounts for roughly 30% of the vote in Washington County.