Manchin in Wirt County

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Senator Joe Manchin stopped at Wirt County Middle School on Tuesday to give the kids a lesson in protecting the planet.

Today is Earth Day, a time to clean up communities, demand renewable energy and of course plant trees -- and plant a tree they did.

The senator says everyday should be Earth Day and we all have a responsibility to give Mother Earth the help she needs.

On his potential run for governor, Manchin says he knows rumors are circulating and we just have to see what the future brings.

“Right now I’m representing the best of my ability for the people of West Virginia in the United States Senate,” the senator says. “It's a tremendous honor. I’m learning about the challenges of the world; I’m learning more about our country than I ever would and I have a unique perspective by being governor of the great state of West Virginia, understanding the demands that every state has.”

Manchin says he's keeping all options open for 2016, even though his term doesn't end until two years after that.

He'll make a decision later this year or next.

When it comes to the Keystone Pipeline, the senator says there's no logical explanation why it's stalled.

It's the security we need for our nation to have total independence, and the more secure we are as a nation, the less dependent we are on foreign oil.

“It's agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans, business and labor,” he says. “There's very few things in this country that the majority of people come together on. This is one that they have.”

According to Manchin, it hasn't been identified as an environmental hazard, so now it's just a matter of where they put the pipeline. It seems like a simple challenge to overcome.