Earthquakes Raise Questions About Fracking

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Five minor earthquakes in northern Ohio this week, but it forced the ODNR to shut down two fracking operations there.

As of now there is no direct evidence linking the quakes to the two horizontal drill sites, but there is enough concern that questions need answered.

ODNR says this was out of an abundance of caution.

They need to analyze data to see if there is any connection to the quakes.

Two horizontal production wells are already in Washington County and possibly more to come.

ODNR says it would be premature to stop the movement for oil and gas in this area because of this one event.

"To take action based on one set of events in Mahoning County would be inappropriate, so it's imperative that we get the work done, that we find out what's going on here before we take any sort of action state wide," says Mark Bruce, spokesman for the ODNR.

"The industry is coming this way, we have to embrace that activity and look at the best possible environmental stand point that we can," says Marietta City Council President Josh Schlicher.

Schlicher says production wells in this area are inevitable.

This doesn't concern them when thinking about leasing city property for oil and gas companies to look at around 100 acres of land to see if there is anything useable underneath.

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