Eating Healthy During the Holidays

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With all the Thanksgiving home cooking, your calorie counter is probably at its yearly peak.

Experts tell us how to balance the Thanksgiving feast and the scale afterwards.

First, don't skip meals before Thanksgiving dinner.

You will feel more in control if you eat a good breakfast.

And take it slow - it's not a race to clean your plate.

"Slow down, savor the taste of each bite," says Janice Rary, a Registered Dietitian at Marietta Memorial Hospital. "In fact, one thing that is often advised - and this is so unnatural for most of us - is put your fork down on the table after every bite. That way you chew more, you enjoy the taste of the food and you eat again."

Rary says when you get up from the table go for a walk or some type of physical activity before sitting down to watch football.

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