Educating The Importance of Honey In West Virginia

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City Park was invaded by bee keepers from around the state with displays and lots of honey at the 33rd annual West Virginia Honey Festival.

"We promote the honey bee and the production of honey, we have several different displays inside our pavilion represented by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture and the local Mid-Ohio Valley Beekeepers," says West Virginia Honey Festival Chairman, Tom Riddle.

People got their sweet tooth on tasting West Virginia's finest honey, participate in activities and witness a special performance from a talented beekeeper who's known to make a bee beard.

"Well back in the beginning, probably back in the mid 80s when I first did my bee beard, it was little worrisome. Now days, I'll do three or four shows on a weekend and the first shows is a little bit worrisome but then after that, you know what you're into and beekeepers are used to getting stung," added Thistle Dew Farm Beekeeper, Steve Conlon.

But most importantly, learning a thing or two about how honey is made and the importance beekeeping plays in West Virginia.

"Bees land on flowers, collect the nectar from the flowers which gets introduced to enzymes in a honey stomach and they bring it back to the hive, put in their honeycomb cells, evaporate out some of the moisture and put a wax cap over it," replied 2013 American Honey Princess, Emily Campbell.

"We all need to do a part and try to become beekeepers out here so we have honey bees to produce honey because without the honey bees, there would be no reason for a honey festival," Indian Run Apiary Beekeeper, Michael DeVaughn.

Without the honey festival, no one would understand the significance the bees are in making the sweet food.

"They're extremely important insects and we're losing them at a such alarming rate that is really great to see that there being some awareness," says Campbell.

The Pioneer Antique Car Club Car Show, Garden G Gage model railroad display and the natural honey ice cream sundaes were among the other activities taking place at this year's honey festival.

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